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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Free Dalmatian Puppy Security Blanket©

Free Dalmatian Puppy Security Blanket Pattern©
By Connie Hughes Designs©
Here is the pattern for the little Dalmatian Puppy
that is on top of the Granny Circle Security Blanket.
I had a medical procedure done this Friday.
 So with my recovery time I decided to update and add
the Puppy Pattern to my Dalmatian Security Blanket
See Below under the 3rd photo!

I have a soft spot for Dalmatians...we had one for years
until she passed away a few years ago!
We still have her collar and leash hanging on the
hook in the garage!
 The blanket part is the same as the free pattern...I just
changed colors...down below is the link to that free pattern!

To make the Head: with White Yarn & F Hook
Row 1. 6sc in the 2nd st from the hook.
Row 2. 2sc in each st around-12sts.
Row 3. 1sc, 2sc in the next st-18sts.
Row 4.1sc in 2, 2sc in the next st-24sts.
Row 5. 1sc in 3, 2sc-30sts.
Row 6. 1sc in 4, 2sc-36sts.
Row 7. 1sc in 36sts.
Rows 8-13. repeat row 7
Put the eyes in the 10th row counting from the top of head.
Row 14. 1sc in 4, dec1sc-30sts.
Row 15. 1sc in 3, dec1sc-24sts.
Row 16. 1sc in 2, dec1sc-18sts.
Row 17. 1sc in 1, dec1sc-12sts.
Now make the Body, it's all one piece.
Rows 18-21. repeat rows 3-6 of the head
Row 22. 1sc in 5, 2sc in the next st-42sts.
Rows 23-25. 1sc in each st-42sts.
Row 26. 1sc in 5, dec1sc-36sts.
Row 27. 1sc in 4, dec1sc-30sts.
Row 28. 1sc in 3, dec1sc-24sts.
Row 29. 1sc in 2, dec1sc-18sts.
Row 30. 1sc in 1, dec1sc-12sts.
Row 31. decrease sts until closed and FO.
To make the Ears: make 2 (1 White/1 Black) & F Hook
I made this ear with a chain of 5 but it made the ears to big. That's why I did it this way.
Row 1. 1sc in 3, ch1 & turn.
Row 2. 2sc, 1sc in 1, 2sc, ch1 & turn.
Row 3. 1sc in 5, ch1 & turn.
Row 4. 2sc, 1sc in 3, 2sc, ch1 & turn.
Row 5. 1sc in 7, ch1 & turn.
Row 6. 2sc, 1sc in 5, 2sc, ch1 & turn.
Row 7. 1sc in 9, ch1 & turn.
Row 8. 2sc, 1sc in 8, 2sc, ch1 & turn.
Row 9. 1sc in 11, ch1 & turn.
Row 10. dec1sc, 1sc in 7, dec1sc, ch1 & turn.
Row 11. 1sc in 9, ch1 & turn.
Row 12. dec1sc, 1sc in 5, dec1sc, ch1 & turn.
Row 13. dec1sc, 1sc in 3, dec1sc, ch1 & turn.
Row 14. dec1sc, 1sc in 1, dec1sc, ch1 do not turn.
Row 15. 1sc in each st around entire piece and FO.
Sew each ear on top of the head. Leave enough room for the bow to be sewed in between them.
To make the Bow: with Red & F Hook (make 2)
Row 1. 1sc in 6, ch1 & turn.
Row 2. dec1sc, 1sc in 2, dec1sc, ch1 & turn.
Row 3. 1sc in 4, ch1 & turn.
Row 4. dec1sc, dec1sc, ch1 & turn.
Row 5. 2sc, 2sc in the next st, ch1 & turn.
Row 6. 1sc in 4sts, ch1 & turn.
Row 7. 2sc, 1sc in 2, 2sc, ch1 & turn.
Row 8. 1sc in 6sts, ch1 & turn.
Row 9. repeat row 8 and FO.
Put the 2 pieces together and work 1sc all the way around both and FO.
Make the center of the Bow: with Red & F Hook
Row 1. 1sc in 6sts and FO.
Wrap it around the bow in the center and sew in place. Sew the bow to the head.
To make the Nose: with White & F Hook
Row 1. wk 5sc in the 2nd st from the hook.
Row 2. 2sc in each st-10sts.
Row 3. 1sc, 2sc in the next st-15sts.
Row 4. 1sc in 15sts.
Rows 5-9. repeat row 4
Row 10. 1sc in 2, 2sc in the next st-20sts.
Row 11. 1sc in 20sts and FO.
Stuff and sew under the eyes.

To make the little black Nose: with Black & F Hook
Row 1. 1sc in 4, ch1 & turn.
Row 2. dec1sc, dec1sc, ch1 & turn.
Row 3. dec1sc and FO.
Sew it on the white tip of the nose. 
To make the Collar: with Red & F Hook
Row 1. 1sc in 20sts, ch2 & turn.
Row 2. 1dc in 1st, 3dc in 18sts, 1dc in the last st, ch2 & turn.
Row 3. 1dc in each st and change to black.
Row 4. join with a sl st and ch3, sk 2sts, 1sl st in the next st, repeat all the way across and FO. Sew collar around the neck.
To make the Legs: with White & Black (make 1 white/1 black)
Row 1. 6sc in the 2nd st from the hook.
Row 2. 2sc in each st-12sts.
Row 3. 1sc in 2, 2sc in the next st-16sts.
Row 4. 1sc in 16sts.
Row 5. repeat row 4
Row 6. dec1sc 4x, 1sc in 8sts.
Row 7. 1sc in the FLO in 4sts, 1sc in 8sts.
Row 8. 1sc in 12sts.
Stuff as you go
Repeat row 8 until the legs are the length you want, sew them in place to the body.
With black felt cut out spots and sew or glue them to the face, nose, white ear and the white leg.
For the Instructions for the Granny Circle use the link below:

You are now done with your
Free Dalmatian Puppy Security Blanket Pattern©
I hope who ever your making them for loves
them as much as I loved making them!
If you have any questions please feel free to email me @
This pattern is for personal use.
Characters, Photos, Patterns & Designs Copyright Protected
All Rights Reserved.
Connie's Spot© Connie Hughes Designs©
Thanks for Supporting Connie's Spot© Sponsors!!

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