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Friday, August 19, 2016

Free Crochet Harvest Scarecrow Pattern©

"Free Crochet Harvest Scarecrow Pattern©"
By Connie Hughes Designs©
Here's My New Fall Pattern and it's Free...
This sweet little scarecrow is to cute to scare anybody...
although she did scare my pup for a while!

You can hang her on a door or display her on a wall...she's
twenty two and half inches long and not to hard to make...she
will take a little time...but well worth it when done.

Yarns used in Pattern:
Cream Caron One Pound Yarns
Pumpkin by Red Heart Yarns
Glowworm by Red Heart Yarns
Yellow by Red Heart Yarns
Black by Red Heart Yarns
Yarn to make the Hair:
Warm Brown/Buff by Red Heart Yarns

Other Materials used in Pattern:
Poly Fiber Fill
Black Embroidery Floss
Needle & Thread
Stitch Marker
Tapestry Needle
Felt in Black, White, Pink
Hot Glue/Gun
Plastic Canvas/Cardboard
Sunflower Mixed Bouquet (I got mine at Walmart for 5.00)

Hooks used in Pattern:
E 3.5mm, D 3,25mm

To make the Face: with Cream Yarn & E 3.5mm Hook  (make 2)
Ch3 will count as your first stitch, use a stitch marker
Row 1. Wk 11hdc in the 3rd st from the hook, join & ch2-12sts.
Row 2. Wk 1hdc in the same st as the ch2, wk 2hdc in each st around, join & ch2-24sts.
Row 3. Wk 2hdc next to ch2, wk 1hdc in the next st, repeat (1hdc, 2hdc in the next st, all the way around) join & ch2-36sts.
Row 4. Wk 1hdc in st next to ch2, 2hdc in the next st, (1hdc in 2, 2hdc in the next st) join & ch2-48sts.
Row 5. 1hdc in 3, 2hdc in the next st, join & ch2-60sts.
Row 6. 1hdc in 4, 2hdc in the next st, join & ch2-72sts.
Row 7. 1hdc in 5, 2hdc in the next st, join & ch2-84sts.
Row 8. 1hdc in 6, 2hdc in the next st, join & ch2-96sts.
Row 9. 1hdc in 7, 2hdc in the next st, join & ch2-108sts.
Put a piece of plastic canvas or cardboard between the 2 pieces and wk 1sc all the way around, stuff the front face lightly and FO.

To make the Nose: with Pumpkin Yarn & D 3.25mm Hook

Row 1. 3sc in the 2nd st from the hook.
Row 2. 1sc in 3, increase 1sc-4sts.
Row 3. 2sc in each st around-8sts.
Row 4. 1sc in 8sts
Row 5. 1sc in 8, add 2sts-10sts.
Row 6. 1sc in 10sts.
Row 7. 1sc, 2sc in the next st-15sts.
Row 8. 1sc in 15sts, increase 1st-16sts.
Row 9. 1sc in 16sts, increase 1st-17sts.
Row 10. Increase sts by 3, 1sc in 20sts.
Rows 11-14. 1sc in 20sts and FO.
Stuff nose lightly and sew the open end to the face.

To make the Hair: with Warm Brown/Buff Yarn
I tied it several times

I made 2 large circles working 1sc in the round with a D hook. I took the circle a part and cut into very long strips. Put all the strips together and tie a piece of yarn in the center. Attach to the face like in the photos below.

To make the Hat: with Yellow Yarn & E 3.5mm Hook (make 2)
Row 1. 1sc in 50sts, ch1 & turn.
Row 2. repeat row 1
Row 3. dec1sc, 1sc in 46sts, dec1sc, ch1 & turn.
Row 4. dec1sc, 1sc in 44sts, dec1sc, ch1 & turn.
Row 5. dec1sc, 1sc in 42sts, dec1sc, ch1 & turn.
Row 6. dec1sc, 1sc in 40sts, dec1sc, ch1 & turn.
Row 7. dec1sc, 1sc in 38sts, dec1sc, ch1 & turn.
Row 8. dec1sc, 1sc in 36sts, dec1sc, ch1 & turn.
Row 9. dec1sc, 1sc in 34sts, dec1sc, ch1 & turn.
Row 10. dec1sc, 1sc in 32sts, dec1sc, ch1 & turn.
Row 11. dec1sc, 1sc in 30sts, dec1sc, ch1 & turn.
Row 12. dec1sc, 1sc in 28sts, dec1sc, ch1 & turn.
Row 13. dec1sc, 1sc in 26sts, dec1sc, ch1 & turn.
Row 14. dec1sc, 1sc in 24sts, dec1sc, ch1 & turn.
Row 15. dec1sc, 1sc in 22sts, dec1sc, ch1 & turn.
Row 16. dec1sc, 1sc in 20sts, dec1sc, ch1 & turn.
Row 17. 1sc in 22sts, ch1 & turn.
Rows 18-28. repeat row 17
Row 29. 1sc in 17sts, dec1sc, 1sc in 3sts, ch1 & turn.
Row 30. 1sc in 3, 1slst in 2sts, 1sc in 16sts, ch1 do not turn.
Row 31. wk 1sc around the 3 sides, leaving the top sts unworked and FO.
Attach the 2 pieces together with a slst st and ch1 at the top corner of the hat. Work 1slst through the BLO of the front piece and in the FLO in the 2nd piece. That will keep that small dent in the hat at the top. Ch1 when going around the corners, wk 1slst through both loops along the sides. When you reach the bottom corner of the hat FO. Leave the bottom of the hat opened. Attach yarn with a 1slst and wk 1slst a long the other side of the hat and FO.
Once you have the hair done attach hat by sewing it to the back and front of the head and face (I put a little poly fiber fill inside the hat before sewing in place).

To make the Neck Ruffle: with Pumpkin Yarn & E Hook
Attach yarn with a slst & ch1
Row 1. wk 1sc in the FLO in 30sts a long the bottom of the head, ch3 & turn.
Row 2. wk 3dc in each st , ch1 & turn.
Change to Glowworm
Row 3. wk 1sc in each st, change to Pumpkin ch3 & turn.
Row 4. wk 1dc in each st and FO.

To make the Shirt: with Pumpkin Yarn & E Hook
Turn head over and wk in the unworked sts from row 1 of the neck ruffle.
Row 1. Attach yarn with a slst and ch3, wk 1dc in the first st, 2dc in the next, ch3 & turn.
Rows 2-3. 1dc in each st, ch3 & turn.
Row 4. 1dc in each st, change to Glowworm ch1 & turn.
Row 5. 1sc in each st, change to Pumpkin ch3 & turn.
Rows 6-12. 1dc in each st, ch2 & turn, FO at the end of row 12.

To make the Hands/Arms: with Cream Yarn & E Hook
Row 1. 6sc in the 2nd st from the hook.
Row 2. 2sc in each st-12sts.
Row 3. 1sc, 2sc in the next st-18sts.
Row 4. 1sc in 2, 2sc in the next st-24sts.
Row 5. 1sc in 24sts
Rows 6-8. repeat row 5
Row 9. dec1sc 3x, 1sc in 18sts-21sts.
Row 10. 3dc in 2sts, 1sc in 19sts-25sts.
Row 11.1sc in 25sts
Row 12. dec1sc 3x, 1sc in 19sts-22sts.
Row 13. dec1sc 2x, 1sc in 18sts-20sts.
Row 14. 1sc in the BLO in 3, 1sc in 17sts-20sts.
Row 15. dec1sc 2x, 1sc in 16sts-18sts.
To make the Arms: with Pumpkin Yarn
Row 16. wk 1sc in each st around-18sts.
Row 17. 1sc in the FLO in 18sts.
Row 18. 1sc in 18sts
Rows 19-20. repeat row 18
Change to Glowworm
Row 21. 1sc in 18sts
Change to Pumpkin
Row 22. 1sc in 18sts
Rows 23-26. repeat row 22
Change to Glowworm
Row 27. 1sc in 18sts
Change to Pumpkin
Rows 28-32. 1sc in 18sts
Stuff hand and arm lightly
Row 33. 1sc, dec1sc around-12sts.
Row 34. dec1sc until closed and FO.
Attach Glowworm Green to the unworked sts of row 17 with a slst and ch1.
Row 35. 1sc in each st around, join and change to Pumpkin, ch3.
Row 36. 4dc in each st around, join & ch3 (I wanted my sleeve to have a nice ruffle so I used 4sts, you can use 3 if you prefer).
Row 37. 1dc in each st around.
Change to Glowworm & D Hook
Row 38. 1slst in each st and FO.
I sewed the arms under the ruffle like in the photo below

To make the Chalk Board: with Black Yarn & E Hook
Row 1. 1sc in 20sts, ch1 & turn.
Repeat row 1 until it measures about 12 ½” long. In the last row turn and wk 1sc in the BLO repeat row 1 until it matches up the other side and FO. (Write your saying on the chalk board before closing it up completely).
Cut out a piece of plastic canvas or cardboard and put it inside, attach yarn with a slst, ch1, wk 1sc all the way around the three opened sides and FO. (Write your saying on the chalk board before closing it up completely).
 Attach yarn at one of the opened corners and wk 1sc along the three opened sides and FO.
Sew the hands to the chalk board with needle & thread
To make it Hang: This is the way I hung my Scarecrow
Cut 2 strands of Cream yarn about 46 to 47inches long. Thread tapestry needle with the 2 strands and push the yarn through from the back of the Autumn sign. Leave about 2inches hanging and make a couple of knots. Thread the tapestry needle again and wk both strands of yarn up through the back of the head and hat until you reach the top. Repeat the same process but push the yarn down through the hat and head. (Making sure you leave some extra yarn at the top for hanging). Push it through to the other side of the sign and tie another knot.

 Once you have the scarecrow made then it's time to do
the fun stuff...I just hot glued my flowers and ribbon where I
thought they looked good...I hope you enjoy making this scarecrow!
Connie’s Spot©
Connie Hughes Designs©
Connie Hughes Owner/Designer
Characters, Photos, Patterns & Designs 
Are Copyright Protected All Rights Reserved.

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Sunday, August 7, 2016


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