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Monday, April 14, 2014

Titanic Poem©

 On April 14, 1912, the R.M.S. Titanic collided with a massive iceberg.
There were 2200 passengers and crew aboard the Titanic for her
maiden voyage to the United States. Only 705 survived. The  
RMS Titanic the British passenger liner sank in less than 3 hours
in the North Atlantic Ocean! 


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Great Grandma's Cocoa Pies

"Great Grandma's Cocoa Pies"
In the Kitchen
When I was a kid my mom use to make these simple, but
oh so good little pies...her grandmother use to
make them for her when she was little...
I use to make them for my kids when they were young...my
oldest really loved these when she was small.
All you need is a little Pillsbury Pie Crust (my mom made her own)
but this is good pie crust and what a time saver...all I do is roll
it out...place a round bowl on top of the rolled dough...with a knife
I trim around the bowl and "walla" you have a perfect round disc! 
Mix white sugar with a little bit of Hersey's Cocoa until sweet...spoon
sugar mixture on top of dough...add a little dollop of unsalted
Land O' Lakes butter on top...fold over and press both pieces
of dough together to close...you can also make
them with Cinnamon...that's my husband's favorite!
Bake in a 350 degree oven for about 12 to 15 minutes
or until golden brown.
Store in an air tight container...I love to warm them up by
putting them in the
microwave oven for about 12 seconds.
If your like me and love pie crust...then you will love these.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Crochet Doll Pattern Zoe Girl© and Jelly Bean Bunny©

Here is the latest by Connie Hughes Designs©
Meet Zoe Girl© & Her Bunny Buddy Jelly Bean©
My new pattern will make both of these cute dolls!!
They're already for Easter or Anytime...in their cute little dresses!
The pattern is now available at all my Connie's Spot© Shops:

Here's the Link for Connie's Spot© Shop on Raverly:

Here's Zoe's and her red locks all tied up with little bows!
Her little bloomers even have ruffles!
Jelly Bean© loves her Peeps!
 This pattern has step by step instructions with lots of pictures!
 Ruffles on her bloomers!
 Here's the whole gang...the colorful Peeps are a current
Free Pattern on my blog!
 These little Mary Jane's are so cute and easy to make!
 "It's Spring...April showers brings May flowers"
Pattern is now available!!
The beautiful eyes for both dolls are from Suncatcher Craft Eyes!
Here's her link:

They are both 27" tall...and Jelly Bean© is 30" tall with her ears!
 "Happy Easter Everyone"

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Easter Peep Inspired Pillow Doll Free Pattern©

"Easter Peep Inspired Pillow/Doll Free Pattern©"
I love this simple pattern...you can do so much with it...you
can make them for each child in any color...they would be cute
on a chair or sofa...but if your hosting the big
Easter Brunch it would be really cute to sit one
of these in each child's chair...or inside an Easter Basket!
(Free Pattern is below)
Very easy and quick to make...just yarn of any color, buttons for eyes,
poly-fill and some cute ribbon!
Happy Easter Everyone!

These Dolls are Now Available at my Shop on Esty here's the Link

Easter Peep Inspired Pillow/Doll Free Pattern©

This is a super easy and quick project to make…this could be used as a pillow or put inside an Easter basket.
I used Red Heart yarns in Pretty in Pink and Bright Yellow and Purple. 
With a G hook:
Ch 31
Row 1. 1sc in each st, ch1 & turn-30sts.
Rows 2-5. Repeat row 1
Row 6. 2sc, 1sc in 28sts, 2sc, ch1 & turn-32sts.
Rows 7-8. 1sc in 32sts, ch1 & turn.
Row 9. 2sc, 1sc in 30sts, 2sc, ch1 & turn-34sts.
Row 10. 1sc in each st, ch1 & turn.
Row 11. 2sc, 1sc in 32, 2sc, ch1 & turn-36sts.Rows 12-13. 1sc in 36sts, ch1 & turn.
Row 14. Dec1, 1sc in 32sts, dec1, ch1 & turn-34sts.
Rows 15-16. 1sc in each st, ch1 & turn-34sts.
Row 17. Dec1, 1sc in 30sts, dec1, ch1 & turn-32sts.
Rows18-19. 1sc in each st, ch1 & turn.
Row 20. Dec1, 1sc in 28, dec1, ch1 & turn-30sts.
Rows 21-22. 1sc in each st, ch1 & turn.
Row 23. Dec1, 1sc in 26sts, dec1, ch1 & turn-28sts.
Row 24. 1sc in 28sts, ch1 & turn.
Row 25. Dec1, 1sc in 24sts, dec1, ch1 & turn-26sts.
Row 26. 1sc in 26sts, ch1 & turn.
Row 27. Dec1, 1sc in next 22sts, dec1, ch1 & turn-24sts.
Row 28. 1sc in 24sts, ch1 & turn.
Row 29. Dec1, 1sc in 20, dec1, ch1 & turn-22sts.
Row 30. 1sc in 22sts, ch1 & turn.
Row 31. Dec1, 1sc in 18sts, dec1, ch1& turn-20sts.
Row 32,. 1sc in 20, ch1 & turn.
Row 33. Dec1, 1sc in 16sts, dec1, ch1 & turn-18sts.
Row 34. 1sc in 18sts, ch1 & turn.
Row 35. Dec1, 1sc in 14sts, dec1, ch1 & turn16sts.
Rows 36-37. 1sc in each st, ch1 & turn-16sts.
Row 38. 2sc, 1sc in 14, 2sc, ch1 & turn-18sts.
Rows 39-41. 1sc in each st, ch1 & turn.
Row 42. 2sc, 1sc in 16sts, 2sc, ch1 & turn-20sts.
Rows 43-44. 1sc in 20sts, ch1& turn.
Row 45. 2sc, 1sc in 18, 2sc, ch1 & turn-22sts.
Rows 46-48. 1sc in each st, ch1 & turn-22sts.
Row 49. Dec1, 1sc in 18sts, dec1, ch1 & turn-20sts.
Row 50. 1sc in 20sts, ch1 & turn.
Row 51. Dec1, 1sc 16sts, dec1, ch1 & turn-18sts.
Row 52. 1sc in 18sts, ch1 & turn.
Row 53. Dec1, 1sc in 14, dec1, ch1 & turn-16sts.
Row 54. 1sc in 16sts, ch1 & turn.
Row 55. Dec1, 1sc in 12, dec1, ch1 & turn-14sts.
Row 56. 1sc in 14sts, ch1 & turn.
To make ear:

Row 57. 1sc in 6sts, ch1 & turn-6sts
Rows 58-65. 1sc in 6sts, ch1 & turn.
Row 66. Dec1, 1sc in 2, dec1, ch1 & turn.
Row 67. 1sc in 4sts, ch1 & turn.
Row 68. Dec1, dec1, ch1 & turn.
Row 69. Dec1 and FO.
Make the other ear:

Attach yarn with a sl st, onto the other side and wk 1sc in the same st as the sl st, repeat rows 57-69 and FO. Attach yarn with a sl st, wk 1sc around both pieces and FO. To join the 2 pieces together attach yarn near the bottom, holding both pieces together wk 1sc around. Stuff the ears as you go around. Continue stuffing as you go and FO. Sew buttons on or make French knots for the eyes and nose. Tie a cute little ribbon around it’s neck and you are done.

Free Easter Pattern Applique's

Well I promised to have some Free Bunny Patterns...and here they are!
 I've made a couple cute and easy to make Easter Applique's.
Pink Bunny Applique's On The Pillow
I just love making applique's, you can sew them onto so many things. Blankets, pillows, wall art, place mats…quick somebody stop me. I guess the true art is knowing when to stop.

Make Bunny with a G or F Hook
Ch 11
Row . 1sc in 10sts, ch1 & turn-10sts.
Row 2. 1sc in 10sts, ch1 & turn-10sts.
Row 3. 2sc, 1sc in the next 8, 2sc in the last st, ch1 & turn-12sts.
Row 4. 1sc in 12sts, ch1 & turn-12sts.
Row 5. 2sc, 1sc in the next 10, 2sc in the last, ch1& turn-14sts.
Row 6. 1sc in the next 14sts, ch1 & turn-14sts.
Row 7. 2sc, 1sc in 12 sts, 2sc, ch1 & turn-16sts.
Row 8. 1sc in 16sts, ch1 & turn-16sts.
Row 9. Dec1, 1sc in the next 12sts, dec1,ch1 & turn-14sts.
Row 10. 1sc in the next 14sts, ch1 & turn-14sts.
Row 11. Dec1, 1sc in 10sts, dec1, ch1 & turn-12sts.
Row 12. 1sc in 12, ch1 & turn-12sts.
Row 13. Dec1, 1sc in 8, dec1, ch1 & turn-10sts.
Row 14. 1sc in 10sts, ch1 & turn-10sts.
Row 15. Dec1, 1sc in 6sts, dec1,ch1 & turn-8sts.
Row 16. 1sc in 8sts, ch1 & turn-8sts.
Row 17. Dec1, 1sc in 4, dec1, ch1 & turn-6sts.
Row 18. 1sc in 6sts, ch1 & turn-6sts.
Row 19. 2sc, 1sc in 4, 2sc, ch1 & turn-8sts.
Row 20. 1sc in 8sts, ch1 & turn-8sts.
Row 21. 2sc, 1sc in 6, 2sc, ch1 & turn-10sts.
Rows 22-24. 1sc in each st, ch1 & turn-10sts.
Row 25. Dec1, 1sc in 6, dec1, ch1 & turn-8sts.
Row 26. 1sc in 8sts, ch1 & turn-8sts.
Row 27. Dec1, 1sc in 4, dec1, ch1 & turn-6sts.
Row 28. 1sc in 6, ch1 & turn-6sts.
Row 29. 1sc in 2, ch1 & turn-2sts.
Row 30. 2sc in each st, ch1 & turn-4sts.
Row 31. 1sc in 4, ch1 & turn-4sts.
Row 32. 2sc, 1sc in 2, 2sc, ch1 & turn-6sts.
Rows 33-34. 1sc in 6sts, ch1 & turn-6sts.
Row 35. Dec1, 1sc in 2, dec1, ch1 & turn-4sts.
Row 36. 1sc in 4 sts, ch1 & turn-4sts.
Row 37. Dec1, dec1, ch1 & turn-2sts.
Row 38. Dec1 and FO.
Row 39. To make the other ear, with a sl st attach yarn to other side repeat rows 29-38, wk 1sc around entire bunny and FO.
I like to use a smaller hook for this, I just like how it looks. The pillow is very simple I just did sc and then did a granny square trim.

These little bunny’s on a stick are super easy to make
With an F hook

Row 1. Wk 11hdc in the second st from the hook, join and ch1.
Row 2. Wk 2hdc in each st around, join and ch1.
Row 3. Wk 1hdc in the first st, 2hdc in the next st around, join and ch 1.
Row 4. Wk 1sc in the next 3sts, ch1 & turn.
Rows 5-8. Repeat row 4.
Row 10. Dec1, 1sc, ch1 & turn.
Row 11. Dec1 and FO.
Join yarn to make the other ear and FO.
To make the stick part:
With a C hook make a ch as long as you would like and wk 1sl st in each ch st and FO.
Use brown yarn and make French knots for the eyes and nose.
Tie a little bow and sew or glue in place.
This Bunny is just a smaller version of the one
on the pillow!
The small white bunny Applique's on the granny square  G of F hook
(Photo is below)

To make the head
Ch 2
Row 1. Wk 6sc in second ch st from hook-6sts.
Row 2. Wk 2sc in each st around-12sts.
Row 3. Wk 1sc, 2sc in the next st around-18sts.
Row 4. 1sc in next 2sts, 2sc in next st-24sts.
Row 5. Ch9 wk 1sc in 8sts, 1sl st in the next st on the head part, 1sc in the next 2 sts, ch9 and wk 1sc in 8sts, 1sl st, 1sc in 3 sts, sl st and FO.


To make the body G & F hook
Ch 11
Row 1. Wk 1sc in 10sts, ch1 & turn.
Rows 2-5. Repeat row 1.
Row 6. Dec1, 1sc in 6sts, dec1, ch1 & turn-8sts.
Rows 7-9. 1sc in 8sts, ch1& turn
Row 10. Dec1, 1sc in 4sts, dec1, ch1 & turn-6sts.
Row 11. 1sc in 6sts, ch1 & turn.
Row 12. Dec1, 1sc in 2,dec1, ch1 & turn-4sts.
Row 13. 1sc in 4sts and FO.
To make the legs G or F hook
Row 1. Wk 2 bobble sts into the second ch st from hook and 1sl st, 1sc in the next 10sts, 2 bobble sts in the last st and FO.
Sew the head and legs on and whip st some eyes and nose. Don’t forget the bow…everything looks better with a bow on.
I just sewed the little bunny onto a granny square.
 Please feel free to contact me about these patterns or
anything else...and thank you for stopping by!
Happy Crocheting


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